Hey, Slow Down

if I keep a green bough in my heart, the singing bird will come

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32 year old INFJ lady located in the suburbs near Dayton, Ohio. Lover of nature, movies, adventures, music, cute/kitschy things, cats and pugs. I try to find humor in most situations. An appreciator of art in all forms.

I'm originally from a small town in New York but I moved almost 5 years ago to live with my partner (who I met here on LJ a while ago!). I like to post about my daily life, share photos, things I enjoy, venting, stream of thoughts type posts, my struggles with anxiety/depression, random nonsense. I'm navigating through grief, and have a strong interest in self improvement.

Sometimes I'm a big ole dummy.

Looking to connect with reflective types of people who may share similar interests and journal openly and honestly. Unfiltered.

Things I enjoy: Taking photos, film, art journaling, books of all kinds, games, crafty stuff, baking, hiking and being out in nature, introspection, music, visiting new places, wasting too much time online, animals, pugs, humor, cutesy stuff, thrift stores.

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